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You Local and Long Distance Moving Guide - Tips and Quotes

Are you looking for dependable Portland movers? Professional movers can help to reduce the stress and fatigue that are associated with moving. You can make a stress-free relocation with your family if you plan your move and make arrangements with professional movers Portland well before moving day.

Obtain quotes moving in writing from a few reputable Portland moving companies, as soon as you decide to relocate. Check the licensing and insurance details of the movers. Ask for references and call them up to verify their performance.

It pays to look for a Portland mover who is known for providing excellent service, rather than to make a choice only on the basis of the lowest quote. If you get a moving estimate that is a lot lower than the rest, watch out for hidden charges.

To find out about interstate movers, visit the Company Snapshot page on the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

You can decide about the type of moving service you want to use based on your budget. Full service moving companies may be expensive, but they are the most convenient. The moving company will pick up your things from inside your home and deliver them inside your new home. The movers will even do your packing and unpacking for an extra fee.

Self service moving costs less and it is very convenient. The mover will drop one or more containers at your home in which you can pack your possessions. The containers will then be picked up and delivered at your new home when you are ready to move in. You can also ask for a trailer to be dropped at your home and pack your things in it.

It may be cheaper to rent a moving truck and to drive it to the destination yourself, but it will be very hard on your back. You can save money by booking your things as freight, though this will also involve a lot of hard work.

We can help you to get free, no-obligations moving company quotes from trustworthy movers in Portland as well as across the United States, quickly and easily. You will only receive quotes from pre-screened moving companies. We make certain that the service providers are licensed and insured and that they have been providing exceptional service to their customers.

We will not disclose your contact information to anyone without your permission and there are no costs or commitments involved at all.


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     If you are looking for a cheaper option, you can load your possessions in a rented moving truck and drive it to the destination yourself, though this will involve a lot of hard work. You can hire some help to assist you with the packing, loading, unloading, and driving.

     If you want to pack and load your self and let professional drivers drive your belongings to the destination you can choose a Self Moving Service solution.


We can help you to get free quotes from highly regarded moving services in Portland with a few clicks. This is a free offer and there are no obligations involved at all. We will not provide your contact information to anyone without your permission.

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