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Self Service Moving: You Load and They Drive

Self Service Moving - Plan A Complimentary Move

If a full service move appears costly to you, consider self service moving for relocation. You may not like the idea of driving a hundred miles with all the belongings. Leave it to self service movers, who generally provide the service. By opting for such a service, the responsibility to pack and unpack items right from origin to destination rests entirely with you.


Self service moving is indeed a complimentary move, as it is cost-effective. You save enough on fuel, food, motels and tolls. Consider driving long distance by self. If you rent a truck, which is of old make and poorly maintained, it may cost damage to goods. On journey mid-way, the truck might even show engine problems. Through self service moving, you may easily do away with all such relocation problems.

Service Plan:

When you place an order with self service movers, they drop containers to your residence according to the size of your goods. Accordingly, you need to pack all the valuables safely in the containers followed by which the self service moving company collects them. It then drives the valuables to the specified destination safely. After you unpack all the belongings, these movers send their truck to pick up the empty containers.

When you opt for self service moving, the work is divided between you and the moving company. While you look after packing and unpacking of items pre and post delivery, the moving companies ensure safer transportation of goods to your desired destination from the origin. It is advisable you first obtain around three quotes from different self moving companies. Simultaneously, verify the credentials of those companies.

What about authenticity?

Select a self mover by confirming its track record and reputation in the market. Do not give in easily to cheap quotes merely for saving money. Service matters the most, when it comes to long distance relocation. Prioritize the aspect of security over price, whenever you select a self service moving company. Be wary of dishonest companies, which might initially offer comparatively low quotes just to entice you and then demand more money.

You may browse through for the profiles that interstate movers have on Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website. Check with Better Business Bureau (BBB) website for any complaints against the self service moving company you prefer for your move.


It is best to ask for few references from the self service mover before lending it the job of relocation for your valuables. Even their experiences as with relocating goods greatly count. Check for these aspects to have a complimentary and safer move.

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